My Favorite Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

"Go FULL SPEED because you do not know if you will be given 2 innings or 9."
~ Corky Newcomb

"Anyone at any age and any ability can score R.B.I.s....REALLY BIG IDEAS!"
~ Corky Newcomb

"The only place your dream becomes impossible is your own thinking!"

"Do not let your fire go out spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not yet and the not at all!"

"All a man achieves or fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts."
~ James Allen

"Those who fail miserably will achieve greatly."
 ~ John F. Kennedy

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

"With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world."
 ~ Dalai Lama

"We all have possibilities we didn't know about. We can do things we don't even dream we can do."
 ~ Dale Carnegie

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength."
 ~ Corrie Ten Boom

"You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result."
 ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"Exploring who you are at a deeper level than your everyday thoughts is the true definition of meditation."
 ~ Deepak Chopra

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."
 ~ Angela Monet

"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words and never stops at all."
 ~ Emily Dickinson

"Life is a paradise for those who love many things with passion."
 ~ Leo Buscaglia

"Do what you can with what you have where you are."
 ~ Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

"The possible's slow fuse is lit by imagination."
 ~ Emily Dickinson

"Dreams are the blueprints of reality."
 ~ Greg "The Shark" Norman, PGA Tour pro golfer

"Be nice to everyone but wait for no one!"
~ Corky Newcomb

"TIMING is the essence of base hits, babies and BIG ideas!"
~ Corky Newcomb

"Negative people are just like the flu and will "boo-hoo" your idea. Don't let your idea catch the flu!"
~ Corky Newcomb

"There is but one cause of human failure and is man's lack of faith in his true self."
 ~ William James

"Hope is the companion of power and the Mother of success, for who hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles."
 ~ Samuel Smiles

"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you."
 ~ Marsha Norman

"You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time."
 ~ Charles F. Kettering

"The world of reality has its limits. The world of imagination is boundless!"
 ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.
 ~ Deepak Chopra

"To map our a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage."
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities  and get to work!"
 ~ L. Hunt

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."
 ~ Zig Ziglar

"The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment."
 ~ Eckhart Tolle

"Imagination rules the world."
 - Napoleon Bonaparte