Corky Newcomb’s anecdotes about the unexpected paths that his inventions have taken kept our members enthralled while they were being educated and inspired. We noted that Corky is as inventive in publicizing and marketing his products as he is inventing them in the first place. And when customers use a product not quite in the way he originally expected, he pivots to accommodate them. This is the second time we have had Corky as an invited speaker. I hope it will not be the last.

Robert Hausslein
Inventors Association of New England


Corky is the American Dream. His infectious optimism and inspiring story of grit paint a picture of how an idea becomes an innovation.

Francis Vigeant
Director of STEM Summit hosted at Gordon College
CEO & Founder of Know Atom, Salem, Mass.
President of STEM Energy


“Corky’s presentation to our NHTI Sports Networking conference was outstanding. The presentation is entertaining, full of important information and motivational for students, coaches and professionals in the world of sports. The fifty minutes was too short for the incredible amounts of information that was presented during his time at our conference.”

Paul Hogan
Professor of Sports Management
Director of Athletics
Men’s Basketball Coach
NHTI, Concord’s Community College


From all of us in the NHTI Sports Management club,
We are grateful and pleased to have worked with Mr. Corky Newcomb and NiteLite Sports at our Sports Management Conference at NHTI on April 8th 2016. Mr. Newcomb was the overwhelming favorite of a great list of speakers that also included the likes of,
Luke Bonner- Marketing Manager at GYK Antler
Noah Crane- General Manager of Laconia Muskrats (NECBL)
Tom Whalen- Comedian and radio show host
Pete Terrier- ESPN NH Radio
And Dave Haley- ESPN NH Radio.

One of the most appreciated aspects of Mr. Newcomb’s presentation was his ability to intrigue the audience by being captivating and unpredictable. He kept the crowd happy, involved, and successfully delivered great results. His innovative approach to selling started out with a bang… or should I say smash? He promoted his curveball invention by having us “invent apple sauce.” (videos and pictures included.) It was an incredibly neat and fun way to promote his idea.

As the promoter of the NHTI sports management Conference I am truly honored to have met and worked with Mr. Corky Newcomb, and having him speak at our conference. With the help of Mr. Newcomb’s presentation, we achieved our goal of putting on an outstanding conference.

Thank you very much Mr. Newcomb for your appearance.

Some quotes from the guests-
“He was very vivacious”
“He was really inspiring, makes you want to start your own business”
“He was very witty and passionate”
“I loved the Corky guy, he must have a great job"

Asa Stockton
Sports Management


"Corky Newcomb is a grass roots inventor and entrepreneur who can help any class, company or organization  create ideas and marketable inventions.  His contagious enthusiasm, passion and humor create excitement and belief which breeds creativity. He has the track record to back up what he says because he has created and marketed over 40 inventions.  My favorite is Corky's NITELITE golfball!

I have been a business and entrepreneurship teacher for 8 years  and I have had the pleasure of having Corky speak to my classes several times.  He has fired up my students about entrepreneurship and has helped them develop ideas for new products and services. I know he will get your class, your company or your organization excited by stimulating creativity and pushing your thinking to another level that you never even knew existed.  Corky Newcomb is a creative mastermind!"

Jess Hatch
Business/Entrepreneurship Teacher
Wellesley High School
Wellesley, Mass.


"Thank you very much for your presentation I know we all enjoyed it very much! I really like how there was a large motivational component to it as I feel that is something students similar to myself could really use in order to push their ideas forward."

Shawn Venti
U.N.H. Entrepreneurial Center
Durham, N.H. 


Corky Newcomb's invention creation and marketing seminar introduced me to a new way of entrepreneurial thinking
His enthusiasm, confidence, and determination - and the unique methods by which he teaches them - are Guaranteed to transform the thought processes of both new and experienced entrepreneurs and inventors. Mr. Newcomb gave a presentation to our Entrepreneurial Management class at the Paul College of Business and Economics at The University of New Hampshire. His simple, down-to-earth approach resonated strongly with my classmates and me. He told compelling stories about the mistakes he had made, and how he overcame them, in his 40 years of inventing, selling, marketing, and advertising. His never-say-die attitude was contagious, and the exercises that he led helped us to get a glimpse of our true potential because we actually created inventions during his seminar
Yours in success,
Dan Taylor
University of New Hampshire
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines are taking center stage, as areas that science education needs to focus on. Creativity and innovation are skills that underpin these fields and Corky Newcomb brings a lifetime of practical knowledge to this stage. As an accomplished inventor and successful businessman, he captured the attention of my students when he spoke to our school about the nature of inventing. He provided his audience with practical ways to exercise their minds in efforts to kindle the creative process. Collectively, by the end of Corky’s talk, my students conceptualized four new inventions! His talk was everything a talk should be: Inspirational, humorous, interactive, practical, and of course, educational. My students walked away with the feeling that each and every one of them had the potential to invent something special and make a difference in this world!
Bravo Corky…keep up the great work…you are making a difference in our students’ lives!
Thomas Owen
Head of Sciences
Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH


Mr. Newcomb has an energy and enthusiasm for the learning process which is contagious to all. He highlights learning as an active process involving the asking of questions followed by the act of discovering answers. He is especially passionate about STEM education as he seeks to empower students to engage with their own environments, define problems, and create their own solutions. Mr. Newcomb is able to engage and intrigue students in this process as he shares his own creative, unique inventions which solve common problems, like the glow in the dark golf ball.

As a seventh grader at Cornerstone Christian Academy so aptly states, “You would think someone who is an inventor wouldn't have time for other things, like kids. But Mr. Newcomb does. He inspires kids.”

Christie Diamond
Dean of Students
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Ossipee, N.H.


I have known Corky Newcomb for nearly 50 years and have enjoyed his friendship, comradery and genius especially in the last 3 years as business associates.

Since Corky and I were teammates at UNH playing baseball, I always gravitated to his engaging demeanor, his unique humor and his never wavering level of integrity. 

As business colleagues, not only has Corky demonstrated incredible inventive genius, which is evidenced by his many patents, but also highly intuitive business acumen. His entrepreneurial spirit is boundless, his expertise in the creation of innovative products coupled with his broad experience in creating, modeling and building successful business enterprise is extremely unique.

Corky’s passion to assist, lead and develop a successful road map for young and/or aspiring inventors has been and continues to be his ultimate goal and vision. For many years I have been associated with many global business leaders and I will simply say Corky sits at the top of all in “very rare air”.

Tom Tellier
President, Global Recruiters Network


  "It is at a time of crisis that we can meet the  most wonderful of people. That is when we met Corky Newcomb.  My daughter, Alli, had just been injured in a snowboard competition and was paralyzed from the waist down. The hospital and home accommodation bills were piling up.We were in crisis. A friend just happened to be playing tennis with Corky one day and shared our story. Corky listened. And Corky not only listened, he also did something to help. He organized a benefit NITELITE golf tournament. He did all the soliciting, advertising, planning, and hosting. He even got celebrity donations. It was an incredible night, everyone had a blast!  As a result of all the people who participated in the tournament, he  was able to present us with a generous check to help with our bills. He did this with no benefit to himself, just out of the goodness of his heart.  To our family his spontaneous reaction to our plight revealed a person of the most highest of character: a person of caring and integrity. A thank you has always felt inadequate to reveal how much Corky meant to us. We appreciate this opportunity to tell others of his incredible generosity.  Anyone who meets Corky Newcomb is indeed blessed."

Gratefully Yours,
Leslie Nicola


"I have had the good fortune of knowing Corky Newcomb since our days together at the University of New Hampshire.  We were members of the baseball team at UNH and it was during those college years that I first witnessed Corky's talents in being able to raise funds.

Corky's enthusiasm, energy and relentlessness took center stage while raising  funds for the baseball team's spring trip to Florida.  Through Corky's herculean  efforts, the trip became a reality, and we spent two memorable weeks in the  Florida sun while preparing for our New England baseball schedule.

However, Corky's ability to raise money did not stop with that feat, as his good  old Yankee ingenuity and creativity were apparent in numerous future endeavors.   He would go on to develop many unique inventions, and through his own marketing savvy, they have proven to be of significant financial success.

One of Corky's first inventions, the Automatic Curveball and Slider, I have used during my baseball coaching career to help hitters improve at hitting the breaking ball.  Another invention, his NITELITE Golfball, has been a great source of fun while at the same time providing a means of making money for golf courses as well as raising money for various organizations with NITELITE golf tournaments.

Corky has proven that he possesses the know-how and creative mind in order to not only to create and produce an invention, but to go on and market that product, assisting it in becoming a financially successful venture. Corky's genuineness, thoughtfulness, and contagious enthusiasm are reflected in all his pursuits, and he is a man of his word who will always stand behind his beliefs.

He enjoys whatever he does, and his mind never ceases in trying to come up  with an original idea that will provide endless fun, as well as make money.   I have been very fortunate to have had Corky's support and loyalty throughout the  past 44 years and I treasure our friendship.  I hope that many more people will have  the opportunity to benefit from his creativity and spirit and that his ideas and the  ideas of people who he helps will be used to further enhance the quality and enjoyment of everyone's life."

Jeff Trundy
Head Baseball Coach for 15 years and
"Manager Of The Year" of the
Falmouth Commodores Baseball Team
Cape Cod Baseball League in Massachusetts



“I’ve known Corky Newcomb for nearly fifteen years, and I can honestly say that he is the most driven, forward-thinking businessperson I’ve ever known… Everything he touches seems to turn to gold, from his wildly popular Automatic Curveball to his NITELITE Golfballs which have sold over $25 million at wholesale price.  Additionally, Corky is a gifted motivational speaker, having inspired me for many years to think bigger and outside the box. Corky’s vibrant energy is enough to fill any room. Thankfully, he’s as generous as he is bright… Simply pull up a seat and listen carefully to every single word this man says. His ideas will change your life. I know this because they’ve changed mine!”
 –J. J. Hebert, Bestselling Author & President of MindStir Media


"As the President of Styletek Inc. an injection molding company, my team and I had the opportunity to work with and help develop several of Corky Newcomb’s inventions over a twenty five year period, including his very successful “NITELITE” golfball. Corky not only would come  up with some fantastic ideas for new products but he also had the unique ability to find the right market outlets and the right people to promote the products. When it comes to getting a new product into the right hands, he’s one of a kind!"

Dave Kincman
SOB Sales


"I have known Corky Newcomb for over 20 years and have observed him with his family and in business.

With respect to his family he is a good husband and father and his family has always come first in his life.  Corky has and has always maintained a wonderful relationship with his wife and children whom he cherishes and adores.

Corky is an inventor, good businessman and supreme salesman.  During the time I have known him, he has established and maintained his independent multi product company. He has established markets and customers for his  numerous products revolving around the sports world and his imaginative creations. Corky has invented glow in the dark products such as lighted tennis balls, flying discs, golf balls, footballs, Wiffleballs and fishing lures and sold these original product adaptations all over the country as well as many other original products that he has invented.  His "NITELITE" GOLF PRODUCTS ARE MY FAVORITE.  They made playing golf in the dark a great and fun experience that made Corky a lot of money plus provided great entertainment and a different golfing sensation for many major golf course patrons all over the world. 

Corky works hard and sells his useful and creative products with flair and enthusiasm. He is street smart and customer oriented and knows how to get the job done meeting customer needs in an honest, resourceful and productive way."

Dick Peery
California entrepreneur


"I have known Corky Newcomb for well over 30 years.  Having first met him while deep-sea fishing in Bermuda, I have come to know him in a number of different settings and circumstances, all leading to the same result; Corky is a winner.  His unwavering optimism is contagious and his zest for life is boundless.  Over the years, he has approached me with a vast number of creative ideas and inventions that, at first blush to my conservative banking sensibilities, seem far fetched or unlikely for success.  Many more times than not, he has proven me dead wrong.  Corky transforms his passion for sports and outdoor life and conjures up numerous products that people soon learn they cannot simply live without.  He learned at a young age that he could take ideas, transform them into a valued product, and become successful at marketing and selling them across the globe.  The proof lies in his vast list of inventions and successful products.

Although grounded in his New England roots, Corky maintains a steadfast focus on new ideas and alternative ways to channel his energy into profits.   He is the quintessential “Yankee entrepreneur” and embodies all the resilience, boldness, and perseverance required of conceptual thinkers.

There is no doubt in my mind that, as I reflect on my own life, Corky has enriched my existence by becoming my longtime friend.  He can enrich your life too if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet and get to know him.  Corky clearly stands well above others that may claim to be creative.  He has proven it over a lifetime of achievement and success."

Richard P. Dowd
Senior Vice President
Professional Banking
Boston, Mass.


"I've known Corky Newcomb for more than 25 years. We were first introduced when he launched his NITELITE golfball. I was very fortunate that he chose me to help him with his packaging design and promotional material. Corky is the only entrepreneur I know who has successfully brought over 40 new products to the marketplace. Corky's not afraid to take the risks in promoting his new product ideas, which most of us would never take the first risky steps. There are so many things to consider when launching a new product such as: is the product you invented something the consumer will want to buy?, is it consumer friendly?, the manufacturing and patent expenses, how to market your product, packaging and advertising expenses, people you have to contact to get your product to the marketplace, and so on. Corky's mind never stops inventing. The world should be blessed with more entrepreneurs like him. I recently designed his newest product package, flyers and ads.  I'm proud to know Corky Newcomb and be part of his success.  Never be afraid to be creative and adventurous because it makes the world go around."
-- Linda Harmon, Harmon Advertising


"My personal relationship with Corky Newcomb has spanned many activities over the years. Fishing and boating being a passion since we grew up as neighbors on a large lake in N.H.  Corky and I were a "Battery" in our younger years playing Little League, High School and Babe Ruth baseball.   Being a pitcher, I could always trust his choice of pitches that he wanted me to throw.  He as catcher was a natural team leader at a young age.

Our relationship also ventured into a business association over the years. Corky has asked me to critique many of his new inventions which then became saleable products. Several of his products were chosen by my company and sold sucessfully at the retail level.

The best words to discribe Corky Newcomb is by putting it simply..... a loyal, honest, positive, creative and hardworking man.  I'm proud and honored to call him my friend."

Douglas Mixer
Toys R Us/Child World
Store Director (Retired)
Kezar Falls,  Me.